Hello, Unicorns!

We're Lindsey & Leslie

Hey #StyleUnicorns! We're just West Coast twinzies running in the fashion game! With our own 99% unicorn twist of course. #SmartBlondes is a lifestyle. It's for the dynamic woman, the powerhouse, the trendy fashionista on a budget, the drifter and the every-day-girl with an extra pop of color. This blog is for the empowerment of you through fashion. We firmly believe that every woman is a unicorn as we are a brand founded on the curvy woman. #SmartBlondes is more than a blog, it's a movement.

Everything from risky fashion finds and creative photoshoots inspired by a quirky thought that popped into one of our heads to outfit choices and styling ensembles for the average-yet totally trendy girl can be found here. We will feature up-and-coming brands along with labels we swear by, tap into the local scene for savvy finds and mix & match to our hearts content!