It's Blondetastic! 

We're West Coast girls (that just so happen to be twinzies) with a HUGE love for clothes, food, travel and cats just trying to make our fashion watermark on this great big world. 

Once upon a time in a land far far away, we embarked on a fashion blogging adventure. However after a few career changes, some soul searching and much-needed twenty-something craziness, we bring you the new and ever so improved, twintastic colorful goodness! 

#SmartBlondes is a lifestyle.

It's for the dynamic woman, the powerhouse, the trendy fashionista on a budget, the drifter and the every-day-girl with an extra pop of color. This blog is for the empowerment of you through fashion.

Everything from risky fashion finds and creative photoshoots inspired by a quirky thought that popped into one of our heads to outfit choices and styling ensembles for the average-yet totally trendy girl can be found here.

We will feature up-and-coming brands along with labels we swear by, tap into the local scene for savvy finds and mix & match to our hearts content! (You'll also get to experience our larger than life personalities first hand)

Our West Coast roots had us jumping around from Cali to Seattle, a couple years in the Lonestar state (that's Texas for those who don't know that) and finally we landed smack dab in the middle of the dry Arizona desert that we came to call home.

As we have learned over the years, Arizona is home to a growing underground and trending fashion metropolis. It's now the playground for two fashion fiends with coffee, cats, blonde musings and hair-brained adventures all mixed together.

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Bits to Know:

A space where we share our love of style, brands, travel and all of the girl-squad mis-adventures in between that make up our lives. We also buy clothes over food (except when it comes to the fur babies...oh and brunch)