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Lilac Gray ◽️

"Choose to shine."

⚪️⚪️⚪️✌🏻️It's Wednesday babes and you know what that means? 💎 A street style post makes its debut! Another color in our series is here; LILAC GRAY. 🐨 Just in time to throw in a neutral for the season. And it's not a regular gray, it's lilac gray to be exact. 🔘 Gray is more of a basic color but when mixed with lilac, it gives the shade some edge. Talk about throwin' shade. 😏 There are so many different ways to wear this color; whether it be a fab romper or a matching set. 🐰 You could also mix it into you're work-week wardrobe by carrying a lilac gray structured tote or a pointed toe. So easy, even if you only incorporate it in small ways. 👻 You can't go wrong because it goes with everything. Scroll on for more pretties! ✌🏻️⚪️⚪️⚪️


LINDSEYMeow! 😻 That's cat speak for hello! Lmao Happy Wednesday kittens! Let's talk shades of gray! ... Unfortunately not the juicy kind. 😕Buuuut we are gonna chat about this fab shade of lilac gray because we'll it's fab. ⭐️ So I totes did another matching set and it's so not basic. 🙀 It's actually mesh and amazing! Lol This little number is from LOVE CULTURE. Love love love. It's sexy and edgy all at the same time. Can't forget the nude strappy bralette either. Or the black Karl Lagerfeld clutch! 😎 You all know I love me some Karl! lol I have like three bags with his style icon self on them. Yayy! PS did I mention we were featured on COUTURE IN THE SUBURBS?! 🙀 Use the link to get to know the twinsies who are sitting front row for PHXFW a bit better! Well babes, that's all for now! Muah! 💋


LESLIE: Happy Street Style Wednesday Unicorns! 😊 Not only is Phoenix Fashion Week 2016 starting tomorrow (can you believe it? Tomorrow!) but we've got another color for you from the ▫️▫️▫️Pantone Color Series LILAC GRAY!▫️▫️▫️ Clearly I showcased this color with an AWESOME romper 👅 Okay when I say I never wear rompers, I mean it. Like they always fit Lindsey so well! Then I try and borrow one of hers and my shoulders are too broad, boobs don't fit in it 💀 Let's just say it looks messy haha! So I LOVE this romper, seriously. It's got just enough give, stays in place and it has winged sleeves so it can be dressed up or down ⚡️ Also I may or may not have totally fallen on my ass in these heels while I was shooting 😂 They are SO comfortable, they're just flat on the bottom with no traction. So, you can bet that I slipped on a pebble on the sidewalk in them and skinned my elbows...in front of an entire parking structure lol. Well! They looked great IRL though! 😈 Besides me falling, something really cool happened for #SB and now we're featured on FABULOUS ARIZONA as well as COUTURE IN THE SUBURBS! 💁🏼Click the links to read the articles and shop our looks for this Street Style post below! xo


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