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Pumpkin Spice✨

"Coffee is a language in itself."

✨Tis the season for crisp mornings, pretty jewel tone wears and of course our favorite--lattes. Well PUMPKIN SPICE lattes to be exact ✨ We love food and coffee, this is nothing new. But what IS new for #SmartStyle this week is all about incorporating both of those into our wardrobe! Weird, maybe. But we wanted to have a little bit of fun this week with the cool weather and just be a little silly! (Hence the dancing coffee mugs below 👯) Anyway, check out our outfits and love of lattes throughout this #SmartStyle post unicorns, we promise you'll love it!

Lindsey: Pumpkin spice had me like 😻! And it rhymed! Tis the season for some pumpkin spice lattes, riding boots and leggings. 🍂 Except def not rockin leggings for this look. Lol this look was inspired by all the not so basic beezies who love the winter and pumpkin spice lattes as much as we do! 🎃 My dress and booties are from WINDSOR and they are so comfy. Not only is the dress super cute, it's winter weather ready. It also has a zipper in the front that gives it a little something different and a built-in waist belt so you don't lose your shape. 👌🏻 All around the best dress! Plus it's the color of pumpkin spice which makes it that much more amazing! Cheers muffins! Go get yourself a starbys cuz that's what we're gonna do, too! 💯😘

Leslie: So, because we are a coffee obsessed dynamic duo over here, we decided it was time for some PUMPKIN SPICE love with a shoutout to Starby's 😏 (these cups are the business) Now you may have seen this fab look on my twinny (she can pull this off because of her delicate shoulders) however I decided to resurrect it to see if I could actually pull off a suede crop set! I feel like from the front, I'm doing the top and shorts justice and I love it, but for whatever reason (Lindsey and I do have different peaches lol) I feel like my butt looks like it's wrapped in a suede diaper! 😋 haha! Maybe I'm the only one that sees that a little bit, I still think it's hilarious to point it out 😏 Anyway Tis the season, as we're still in cool weather over here in AZ, to the Holy Grail of lattes and shop you some pumpkin spice latte looks below!😻

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