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Valentine's. Galentine's. Singletons and Bromances!


"What you call the boy/girl your temporarily "dating" for Valentine's Day. Something invented to make the rest of us single people feel like lonely shit.

I wish I had a Valentine."

Okay babes, Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we want to share some steals we swear by with you! We got to thinking about what Valentine's Day means to us, what to do around town, where to gather if you're a singleton living on Singleton Avenue. (Of course you could just say screw Singleton life and do whatever you want for Valentine's Day including watching The Walking Dead on repeat in frog boxers while eating a pizza to yourself...) Anyway, this day of love isn't just for the lovebirds (though we luv you lovebirds, make no mistake) but it's for families, girls-night-out, friendships and most importantly bromances. (We know you have a love-hate relationship with your bro's gentlemen, so just admit you love each other and like romantic walks on the beach with candlelit dinners and talking until dawn about your feelings...)

Actually I'm sure it's more like day drinking followed by guys night out partying with other Singletons, downing beers and living the life of #TeamNoKids. But there's always love there ;) 

Babe Squad Out!

Calling all #StyleUnicorns for a Galentine's event! (Get it because it's "Gals" night out?) Brunch out, go for champagne showers with your Babe Squad and just do you as a group of Singleton's doing powerhouse things! Also do all that with some badass sunglasses, MK bag puffs and handbags ;) 

Pucker Up!

Looking for that perfect shade for the big day? Well search no further #StyleUnicorns! PureWow and MakeUp.com nailed how to get the best shade for your skin tone :) Now, the only question will be matte or glossy? (keep strong mints handy) ;)

Get Fly As A Mother!

(Gotta appreciate all the money & the time that it takes)

Lindsey: Hey pretties! Okay so to get glam for V-Day you have to wear your best accessory, confidence! Smear that on like it's nobody's business and you'll be absolutely irresistible--single, taken or complicated. (I happen to know my honey is planning a sneaky surprise getaway to Sedona, AZ) So what I'll need is a killer pair of heels, the boldest lipstick known to MAC Cosmetics and more than likely I'll wear something black. What can I say? I feel most sexy in black ;) Also both of the books below--one by Lauren Conrad and the other Braids, Buns & Twists  will give you some quick and easy tips for whimsical waves and a sultry cat eye! 

Knick Knack to Your Hearts Content!

Leslie: Hey lovelies :) I recently learned that traveling is SO good for my soul! I need to see the world, visit different states/countries, try new things, make new friends, build my contact base and just sometimes be a struggling writer. I'm a Wordsmith and sometimes I forget that in my building-an-empire state of mind. Taking a trip soon or just need cute organizers for makeup, polish or lipsticks? Treat yourself or girlfriends to cute organizers that pack nicely and stay fashionable. (My recent trip to Dallas, Texas was proof! These cute bags from DSW saved my butt and I lived out of them.) Also getting my Forward Helix pierced by Megan at Artistic Encounter was one of THE best decisions made on the trip :) Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and live for you! (Now back to Valentine's shenanigans) Stay weird Singletons!

 This is Rachael Coukoulis, one of the best marketing dynamo's I graduated with from ASU. She's the tits, loves trap music and is as loyal as they come!

This is Rachael Coukoulis, one of the best marketing dynamo's I graduated with from ASU. She's the tits, loves trap music and is as loyal as they come!

Struggling with what to wear, lip color probz, need sexy hair ideas or just want to look at cute valentines stuff as a Singleton? Check out V-Day Red, White & Pink from our Pinterest! Geek out on Red, White & Pink Unicorns! We luv you :)

See below for 30 Local V-Day events and Empower your inner #StyleUnicorns babes! Don't forget to follow us for more #SmartBlondes style, blonde adventures and the occasional blonde musing!


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