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😜I am so baked right now!😜

**Disclaimer** Get it because cupcakes are BAKED😂 No, too much? Okay, in other Unicornly News...

An outfit with cupcakes as accessories?? YASSSS! Heyyy #StyleUnicorns, how are all of you this week? :) (in other words, always say yes to the cupcake/dessert and donuts) So this week there is no rhyme or reason for having yummy cupcake bath bombs from Francescas Collections except for one reason only--because we can! And they're too adorable not to of course! So this week's contemporary look is all about mixing vibes with vibes we're vibin'. 👯 So, naturally black and white ensembles mixed with that funky femme feel is what we went for! (We're also writing in pajamas and sparkly purple uggs, running on 5 hours of sleep!) 😜 Welcome to the grind! That's what happens when you're having a harmless meeting with your twin/business partner after a 9 hour work day when you hear a thud in the kitchen and realize your cat fell from the top cabinet to the floor! 😫 {A four hour stint in the ER with your fur baby is not the business!} Our little raptor girl, Elara, popped her knee cap out when she hit the floor! Poor baby! But she is home and resting now! All is good in the house of unicorns... More like house of cats! ☺️🐱💜We know we're a lot, just embrace it!

Leslie: Hey pretty #StyleUnicorns! I'm currently rocking out to Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne and the line Someone chuck a cupcake at me is seriously on repeat. (hence the bitchin' gif above👅which is perfect for this post) So you wanna rock cupcake accessories do you? 😉 💁🏼Well #SmartBlondes has you covered! (What can we say? We're emoji loving, unicorn onesie wearing, coffee drinking☕️, pop art crazed🍭, slightly weird minion-y unicorns!)😋 For my take on CONTEMPORARY CUPCAKES I wanted to add my signature flare of the funky/edgy vibe, so color blocked pumps, leather pants and a sheer top for the win! 😎 BUT this look also works with white chucks! (Unicorn tested: Unicorn approved❤️) The Los Angeles jacket helps me rock my LA Made roots with a polka dot clutch and vintage sunnies to round it out. (Also I totally wore this look sight seeing when I was on vacay and LUVED it) And with that being said, don't be afraid to mix it up babes! You just might find a new outfit you didn't know you could work work work work! 👅 PS I must admit I just started binge watching GIRLS and my life is now complete. See below 😂😂

Lindsey: The sister and I decided we wanted to shoot something edgier with a feminine flare! That's where the cute little cupcake props come in! {they're actually bath bombs, shh 😋} Its basically spring but I feel like you can always wear black! 😎 And let's be honest... I really wanted to wear my leather boots one more time before I'm forced to pack them away for like 6 months! Sad panda! 😫🐼 The ladder bodysuit paired with high-waisted skinny jeans and over-the-knee leather boots brings the sexy! And the cupcake {aka bath bomb 🙊} is cutesy and fun! 👅 But really we just wanted to have cupcakes as props! Hehe In the words of Queen Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake!" 👸🏼 Stay classy babes!

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