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-I'm headed straight for the castle | They wanna make me their queen | And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut | I'm headed straight for the castle-

So what's the definition of a UNICORN you ask? We've been reading up on this a lot actually and we've decided that being a unicorn is all about how you see yourself, which we hope is with confidence babes! That's the number one criteria (not that we're listing things off. Another is having bitchin' 👀 clothes, but thats what we're here for☺️) For this post we wanted to show our more whimsical side which is at times both of our approaches to life 😌 being gemini's and all we come by it honestly ;) Also fun fact: Unicorns were mentioned in the Old Testament, reports of unicorn sightings were written as late as 1673...basically it's all about your definition of what a unicorn is, whether you believe the theories or not. Why did we choose the #StyleUnicorn as our brand ambassador? Unicorns were and are indeed a rare sighting pretty babes--one that was powerful, positive, wise, knowledgable and most importantly a symbol of enduring strength. We also think a fabulous world tour to visit the museums that documented them in history would be so bad ass!...We digress. So with that being said, to us babes you are ALL unicorns in our eyes!

Lindsey: Unicorns! Unicorns! I love unicorns! We've twinned out again for this fun and flirty post! It's so fun to get dressed up and not necessarily have a place to go! Lol These dresses are bold and beautiful but watch out for a nip slip! 😜 {clearly not made for chesty chicks but never the less we're rocking them any way!} 🐥⚡️ Sometimes you just wanna feel pretty! So you slap on some makeup and shimmy into your best dress! 💃🏼💄 Then much like we did, prance around Downtown Phoenix while the Best. Photographer. Ever. snaps your pic like the paps! 😂📷 The point of this post my loves is to do something different in your daily routine that makes you feel beautiful! If you don't usually wear makeup, wake up a little earlier and smudge on some cosmetic goodness! 👸🏼 Every woman is a #StyleUnicorn! Sometimes we all need a nice reminder! ☺️💜

Leslie: Hi lovelies, Happy Wednesday!❤️ This is one of my fave looks EVER! Of course twinning out with your PIC while discussing the possibilities of french fries doesn't hurt either ;) Linds and I are strong, caring and passionate women, always have been. (We all know I'm a smidgen of a sap, but I'm almost done I swear. *Mean Girls* reference)👌🏻 So with that being said, a shoot showcasing us in our own skin, comfortable and confident was a necessity. It took me a long time to embrace my curves, I seriously fought them 4 EVER. Then one day in my early twenties I stopped dieting as much, working out as often as I did and decided to start accepting me for me! (I even cut my hair recently and am rocking short hair😳) On came some pounds and I'm more proud of my body now than I ever have been! I learned it was all about changing how I saw myself, my inner dialogue. Sometimes we get so bogged down in the thoughts of what we want to change about ourselves so much so that we end up overlooking all of the little quirks that make us unique! (end sappy thoughts lol) In short, love yourself BB's☺️there is only one FAN-FRICKIN-TABULOUS you😜

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