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👑POP art PRINCESS: The Lifestyle👑

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells,"

😍 Dr. Seuss 😍

Happy Thursday #StyleUnicorns! We are doing things a bit differently this week as we are introducing our POP ART PRINCESSES post today rather than Wednesday👀. Don't worry #UnicornArmy, Street Style will still be every Wednesday, we're just showcasing some AMAZING work that our awesome friend and brilliant photographer Blake Bonillas did! :) (These photos and more from this shoot also live under our Creative Collabs tab)🍭🍭 So to start off this magically, whimsical, pop art-y still could rock this at Coachella look (stay tuned for a post on the best Coachella looks for cheap!), we wanted to do pop art in a non-traditional way. Because we are the emoji crazed unicorns that we are 😜 we decided that a trendy-sexy look brought this idea to life for that 21st century feel mixed with the classic pin-up, pop art look from comics. Alter egos also happened 😜 We also used a Unicorn Name Generator just for kicks! :) Wildflower Dainty Foal and Primrose Charming Reins at your service!😂😂😂

PRIMROSE CHARMING REINS: "Hello Unicorn Palace? We need candy and cats and pizza and lip gloss! HELP!" 

Claire's Magical Sound Unicorn iPhone 5/5S Case ALL of the cases are BEAUTIFUL (the unicorn also talks when you press the center)!!!

WILDFLOWER DAINTY FOAL: "Do you even ice cream bro? ...bring pizza!" 

Glitter Ice Cream Compact Mirror and Comb Set from Claire's

PRIMROSE CHARMING REINS: Good morning my little unicorn babies! Let me start off by first saying Happy Thursday!! Rock out with your unicorns out!! 😜{I don't think that's like a thing but it sounds cool, kinda? 😬 lol} 🦄 Moving on! The sister and I shot this dope af look with none other than {drumroll please} the very talented photographer Blake Bonillas! 📷 We wanted to do something fun and creative so out popped this little brain child! 🍩 We basically wanted to channel our alter egos through pop art in a super unique way! But first let me take you on a little journey to the past!

Quick history lesson! The pop art movement came to America in the1950s! American pop artists explored bold colors, designs and lines! One of the most famous pop art artists that comes to mind is Andy Warhol! His screenprints were very tongue-in-cheek and glamorous photography! He was looking to transition the movement from art to a lifestyle! That's where the growing fascination of celebrity came into play! History lesson over! The twin and I decided to do our version of pop art! And it is artistic and more lifestyle driven! Also please see the awesome accessory of Katy Perry Cut Out Smiley Face Sunglasses from Claire's! They could be perf for Coachella ;)

WILDFLOWER DAINTY FOAL: One could say we have a bit of a PopCrush👅 We mentioned that hair brained ideas every once in a while pop into our heads (more like on the daily.) What I really wanted to say with this creative collab is to embrace your weird. Your mom is weird, your friends are weird and even your dog is weird. Just embrace your truth. We stuck with the same theme for clean lines and makeup through all of the images! We also had these BITCHIN' accessories from Claire's that of course make life a Unicorn Creamsicle👅 ;) Basically this post is all about expressing yourself whether it be through makeup, painting, drawing, tattooing, sports, fashion, design, styling, photography and/or visionary works--just be true to who you are #StyleUnicorns! That is the point of art, imagination and crazed photoshoots 😉💋 PS Maybe we were Katy Beth Terry inspired (shhhh) 

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