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Hello lovelies!! 💖 So this week we're kicking off our Spring/Summer 2016 color series!! Yayyy! Each fashion season, the Pantone Color Institute unveils their Color Report with the top 10 shades! The first color to grace our blog AND voted color of the year is (drumroll please) ROSE QUARTZ! 🌸👏🏻 This light and fluffy pink is super fun and feminine! The color itself is gentle; like a flower or a soft sunset! Rose Quartz will definitely be a color to wear through the breezy spring and summer months! Read on pretty babes for some fun ways to rock this color and check out the shade that suits you best!

Lindsey: I chose a pretty rose quartz trench over a velvet mauve-colored dress and nude, cagey pointed toe heels to represent the infamous color of the year! (Whoa!!! That's a lot of adjectives 😜) As always, I tend to go for more classic, feminine looks! And I did just that with this outfit! How could I not?! I get to be a pretty, pink princess! Lmao 🦄 (or a pretty, pink unicorn! Semantics!) Sometimes trench coats can be hard to rock because you can very easily lose your shape in them! But this trench has a zipper in the front, creating a nice peplum shape that hugs the waistline and causes the hem of the trench to flair out in a skirt-like fashion! Just makes you want to twirl around!! 👸🏼 But this trench is also very versatile in that you can leave it unzipped and billowing in the wind as you run errands or meet some friends for an early dinner! So dramatic with the billowing and the parading around!!! Haha I love it!!💃🏼 Just pair it with a fun clutch and some rockin' jewelry and you're good as gold! They don't call us #SmartBlondes for nothin'! 👯😏 Hope this look gives you some fun ideas on how to incorporate the lovely ROSE QUARTZ into your fashion game! Xoxo 👄👩🏼 See below for a few different shade options in the series!

Leslie: So we've gone a little bananas this week!🍌🍌 (or at least I have 🙀) JK but really graphic tees from FOREVER 21 are seriously beyond cute because they can be worn with anything for an extremely fair price of $8!! 😎 (I also have one in ice cream cones and popsicles) But thats neither here nor there... Anyway, as my older unicorn of 3 minutes said previously regarding 🌹ROSE QUARTZ🌹, it really is a gentle color and compliments all skin tones! ❤️ I decided to pair my duster with some funkier textures such as distressed denim and yes the infamous banana top! (What can I say, I just really like stepping outside of the box!)👅👅 Pair the whole thing with a trusty pair of nude heels (In this case some JESSICA SIMPSON cuties that I broke in at a friends wedding and have the scars on my ankles to prove it😳) and you're winning at life! xo #UnicornArmy PS bedazzled clutches are the business! 💋

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