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E+A: The #CatLadyChic Chronicles

Elara Rigelle & Atlas Rocco

We are #CatMoms to six furry felines that reside in the Unicorn Palace and we thought it was time you officially met two more of them! Words could never describe how crazy these two are, unicorn onesies were SO appropriate for our shoot with them. They are our 1-year and 7 month old tabby's, brother and sister to the black beauties (previously posted) Hydra Rho and Kestrel Ronan. (A post entitled H+K to officially meet them is in the works along with some other pretty cool cat fancies!) 

You are probably wondering what their names mean (and why they sound so unique). So, to break down everyones name in our humble brood, we'll describe all of them as we didn't cover it fully in C+L. We wanted all of our babies to have moon names, so we have stuck with that theme as we've rescued them, each one chosen for their personality. Luna was the first with a moon name and after her rescue, fate happened and we rescued 5 more!

Calypso Reign - Calypso is a moon of Saturn, which means "she that conceals" in Greek. She is an incredibly intelligent cat, very mischievous and calculated. Her middle name Reign suits her regal nature as she is most definitely the queen of the castle!

Luna Sandrine - Luna is Earth's only moon and chosen because she was Lindsey's first pet/spiritual connection. Her middle name Sandrine comes from Lindsey Susanne, LS. (We know, we're crazy cat ladies lol.) But you love us!!

Kestrel Ronan - Kestrel is actually a jewel. (It just flowed really well with Ronan, no judgement.) Ronan is a play on words for Rowan The Goddess Tree which symbolizes protection and inspiration.

Hydra Rho - Hydra is a moon of Pluto and named for her feral tendencies. She is the protector of the group, but when she warms up to you, one of the most affectionate :)

Elara Rigelle - Elara is a moon of Jupiter and named for her feminine swag. (Not sure why, but we always think of a swan when we say her full name lol) She's The Raptor of the group, wiley and unpredictable.

Atlas Rocco - Atlas is a moon of Saturn and named for his love bug neediness lol He's the charmer of the group, always after your food and relentless when it comes to sleeping on you! Rocco was chosen for his quirky personality.

We affectionately refer to Elara (pictured Left below) as "Baby Raptor." Seriously there is no other name that is suiting, she is the smallest but has the most spunk! So babes, here's where things started getting crazy...We got a few cute pics with them, but cats will be cats!

Now babes, these last photos are what it's REALLY like to work with two fearless, crazed and curious fur babies hahaha! We don't call Elara Rigelle (left) The Raptor and Atlas Rocco (right) Bedroom Eyes for nothing!

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