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How to Have A Productive Lazy Day

"Wifi. Food. My bed. Perfection."

So you wanna know how to have a lazy productive work day!? We know, it sounds clustered and backwards but we promise, it's not. You just need to have the right mix of food, music, work essentials, laptop and of course wifi. Check out our 10 Tips and leave some of yours in the comments! :) It's the #SmartBlondes way of doing things. Grool. 


LESLIE: Naturally you'll always find me posted up in colorful socks with my unicorn, romance novels and of course coffee ;) (I wouldn't be alive without it) So, here's a few #SB tips to have a productive lazy work day!

Laugh a lot.

#️⃣ No really, have a crazy dance party with your friends (or twin if you have one of those lying around) This helps give you a nice break from reading or looking at the screen for too long!

Catch up on novelty reading!

#️⃣ This is one of my FAVES! Lately I haven't had a ton of time to read but when I do, I play catch up on my favorite series (that I've already read cover to cover) The Marked Men Series by Jay Crownover. She's the absolute best. Seriously. You should check out her work, she's my go-to for a really good romance read! She has influenced me as a reader and a storyteller myself in so many ways! Another go-to for me are mystery/crime novels. ANY books by Kay Hooper are perfect for a rainy day when you need a thinky or plot twist read (especially The Bishop SCU Series.)


#️⃣ All my unicorns out there that are published authors, struggling writers or anywhere in between know my pain! To me, even when you're published you're still considered a starving artist for lack of a better term, because the writer's block is always a battle and then you've got to build the story. (If you're anything like me, I agonize over word placement and character development.) This just sparked a post about the chronicles of my writing or at least to give some helpful tips on being a starving artist. Hmm, I may be onto something... The best part of writing for me is developing the characters and then I see what kind of world they will fit into, how they will speak, what temperament they'll have. (I think that comes from my inquisitive nature, hence the journalism degree.) Before I write a novel (bad joke, because I could go on for hours. No really.) I'll leave you with a teaser of two of my main character names-- Primus and Sabine (You don't get last names or context of character because I'm secretive that way.) What kind of genre do you think they fit into?

Brush up on some makeup tricks or online shop!

#️⃣ Seriously YouTube is the place to go for the best makeup tutorials (While you're there you should check out our channel! #SB ) or if you're thinking of trying something new, research it while lounging--coffee mug in hand! Online shopping is the new black. Seriously just start BROWSE-ing! Get it? ;) We've vetted some awesome brands if you want to start shopping right here on our site! There's nothing better than designing your own outfit from the comfort of your own home. (Or plane...classroom...office...cubicle...coffee shop...sporting event...) The limit does not exist! #MeanGirls 

Get Organized!

#️⃣Getting organized can seem like a pain in the royal cat ass but it actually helps you declutter your mind! (The twinny is SUPER structured and her color-coordinated chart ways rubbed off on me.) AND you can make it fun! No one said dance parties and yummy foods were off limits!

LINDSEY: Hi beauties! Ready to have a lazy/productive day at home? FIFTH HARMONY said it best, "you can work from home!" 🎤 So we've put together 1️⃣0️⃣ helpful tips to having basically the best day ever but also to be your laziest, happiest self all while being semi-productive. ✅ So we'll keep the into portion short and sweet. 🍬 So scroll on and conquer pretties! May the force be with you!⭐️

Always Have Your Snacks Prepared

#️⃣ Can't have a lazy/productive day without candy and carbs. We vote🍕! Good for the soul and the sugar high will keep you awake for all your binge watching needs. 😳

Binge Watch Netflix, Hulu or even HBO Series's You've Been Missing

#️⃣ I recommend Game of Thrones, Law and Order: SVU, Little Women: LA or Atlanta, I Survived, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black...the list is endless. 📺 So many options! 🙀

 Lay Out a Blog Post For All of Your #StyleUnicorns (oops that one's for us)

#️⃣You can just lay out (if you're not needing to blog or catch up in anything just yet) and soak up some rays; with sunblock of course (say no to cancer!) 👙☀️

Reward Yourself with a Little Cat Nap

#️⃣ Taking a 20 minute snooze never hurt anyone ;) It's actually good to give your eyes a break, especially if you've been looking at a screen for most of the day. Quick tip: Take a couple of long blinks and then resume your work. This helps the eye refocus. Sleep it up kids. The best way to recharge your batteries is to catch up on some 💤s.

Wear your jammies ALL day!

#️⃣ The best part is, you don't have to be anywhere so you don't have to look cute, unless you want to. Utilize this time to smear on a nice clay mask, snuggle into your unicorn slippers and read that book you've been meaning to for like ever! 📚👓👩🏼


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