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Style Up, Buttercup!🐯

"#ButtercupBabes all day,"

Hey there #UnicornArmy! We're excited to be showcasing the next color in the ✨ 2016 Spring Pantone Color Series: Buttercup! ✨ (We know it's summer and basically fall, but colors are still in and butter never goes out of styleπŸ˜‰) As always we showcased two different ways to wear Buttercup on the color scheme scale as well as clothing style πŸ†’ (Gotta spice it up babes!) One is definitely more of a going out look and the other more conservative for a #FabFriday outfit or a luncheon! Now that we've buttered you up 😹 let's talk all things fashion, style and body shape!

✨     βœ¨     βœ¨    βœ¨    βœ¨     βœ¨

LESLIE: βš‘️⚑️Street style Wednesday⚑️⚑️ is back and fierce as ever unicorns! πŸŒ™ For my look this week I wanted to show that you can be a little bold (okay maybe a lot bold😈) with what you decide to try when it comes to your body typeπŸ’Ž. Don't let stigma get in the way of YOUR fashion beauties, because we all have insecurities and parts of our bodies that may not be our favoriteπŸ’›. For me it has always been my stomach and my arms 😁 lol Let me get real, you would not have caught me DEAD in a sleeveless top, bodysuit or anything with even a hint of too much arm showing last year😎. Just goes to show that me at my heaviest weight and non-toned arms for a hot minute (pictured here) can still be a weight that I'm proud of. 😌 #CurvyGirls all the way! I've gone through phases where I work out heavy and phases where I let it all hang out (literally πŸ˜‰) for a while. Oh, and I πŸ’› food🍦. My point, just do you, no matter what size you are πŸ‹πŸ So, buttercup/gold bodysuits are a fierce must-have in your closet and you can always wear a black bralette if you don't want to show as much skin. I felt like an edgy 90's chick in this look πŸ‘ŠπŸ» especially rocking mens sunglasses from (shameless plug) City Royals mixed in with distressed denim. Keep that #PrettyGirlHustle going unicorns! xo πŸš•

πŸ‹     πŸ‹     πŸ‹     πŸ‹     πŸ‹     πŸ‹

πŸ”†     πŸ”†     πŸ”†     πŸ”†     πŸ”†     πŸ”†

LINDSEY: Hi my beautiful BUTTERCUP babes! 🌟 As you can see we are now onto our fifth post in our color series. And today is all about buttercup. No, we don't mean the flower but we do mean this bright, bold yellow. 🌼 (PS don't hate me because I'm totally going to use all yellow Emoji's in this post because I just can't help myself! Lol) ✨ This color of energetic yellow has been one of the IT colors of the spring and summer fashion seasons. No surprise there! 😏 Buttercup is so easy to incorporate into your every day style. For example, I chose a pair of bright yellow, flared, high wasted trousers with a sleeveless white button up. πŸ₯ The pants are cinched at the waist and my blouse is tucked in so I don't lose my shape in the endless amounts of fabric. πŸ’› This color is not only eye-catching, it is so much fun! You can't not be happy when you're wearing a little bit of BUTTERCUP! ⚑️ Although you can't see my fab heels underneath my super flared pants, they're a pair of gray faux snakeskin baddies. β˜€οΈπŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ Very comfortable and easy to walk in. Then there's my trusty little handbag: the fashion icon himself, Karl Lagerfeld. πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹ This is one of my fave bags and def a go to for me. It goes with everything and it's so trendy I just can't even stand it!! Ahh! πŸ™€ Add in a pair of black sunnies and some delicate jewelry and call it #UnicornStatus! 🍦 Chin up buttercup. Everything is going to be just fine! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

πŸ’›     πŸ’›     πŸ’›     πŸ’›     πŸ’›     πŸ’›

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