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Moguls and Monday's go together like coffee and donuts, tacos and tequila, peanut butter and jelly ... You get the jist. 🍩 Hi beauties! Wake up and smell the ☕️! Another #MMM is here! 👄 Time to shimmy into your slacks, tuck in your classic white button down, slip into your stilettos and roll ... Or in this week's case, a dress or your fave crop and midi skirt set. 👓💼 For this beautiful Monday's office inspo, we kept it pretty basic but still statement-making. 😻 Always step out looking (and feeling) your best. Remember our motto? Look good. Feel good. Do good. Simple as that! 🔹🔹🔹 Why not hit the cubicle in a colorblock dress and plush pink pointed toes? (Tongue twister lol 👅) Or a floral crop and midi skirt set? (Minus the crop top part of course, gotta keep it PG at the office🤓) Keep scrolling for outfit deets on each of the fab #MMM looks! Xx 😘

LINDSEY: Hi loves! Happy Monday! 👸🏼 Isn't this colorblock dress from WINDSOR the best ever?! 💕 LOVE! 💕 The moral of the story here is that you can pull off a curve-hugging dress and have it still be appropriate for the workplace. It's all about choosing the right pieces. ☺️☺️☺️ 

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Step 1: Pick a dress that's on the conservative side. The one I chose has thick straps over the shoulders and covers the girls. 😂 It also features a burgundy, black, cream and white colorblocked pattern. 🌟 A pattern also helps to draw the eye and even out my curves. 

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Step 2: The dress should be on the longer side ... More like a pencil or midi skirt with a slit because you still have to be able to walk so it has to have some give. 😋 

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Step 3: Pair the #ootd with a plush pink pointed toe and a structured handbag. You always want your handbag or briefcase to be organized with compartments for all of your meeting necessities. *The last thing you want is your boss thinking you live out of your bag because you've pulled out a spoon, a tube of lipstick and a cat toy before you ACTUALLY found the meeting essentials you were looking for to begin with!!! Ahhh! Disaster!* (🍴, 💄, 🙀) But it doesn't have to be this way. Just keep your handbag clean, organized and structured. 👌🏻

So that's it babes! Easy peasy! Be the best you and make no apologies. Meow! 💋

LESLIE: Happy #MMM Mogulers! 👯 It's that time again to get back to the hustle...the #PrettyGirlHustle that is 😉 My absolute FAVE part of this look were my sunnies and my handbag 👅 The pretty little bejeweled clutch is large enough for an evening out and for the important meeting goodies such as paperwork, your tablet or iPad and cute notepads never hurt anyone. 😏 So what I will be honest about for this look is I REALLY thought I could get away with not wearing a bra. Um big no. 🙀 I know, you've heard me say this before. Well I learned this time! 🙈 Sometimes I really think my boobs aren't as big as they actually are ( . )( . ) Not wearing a bra is such a freeing experience 👻 (one that I recommend for everyone.) I however think at least a bralette is a necessity with this #MMM look. Some tops are fitted and you can use the actual structure of the top for support, however when they are a more loose material, one is needed. Okay, enough about boobs! 🙅🏼 The pencil skirt with this look-LOVE. It's form-fitting which is always good for a curvy frame or if you are focusing on elongating your legs! 👀 Some quick down and dirty tips for this look:

1️⃣ Open toed heels give the look a fresh-summer feel, however if you're in need of a more high-power look, go with nude pointy-toes to switch it up!

2️⃣ Of course we're addressing the bra issue because you may find yourself in a similar situation (I'm so cool it's not even funny.) Everyone carries a blazer in their car for emergencies, (you should have one in case of ANYTHING) then throw that on real quick before a meeting and sit up straight. You can feel like a hunchback squib later when you're alone in your cubicle praying no one asks you for your stapler 💩 I'm all out of staples. No post it's either. No, I don't think coffee will help 💀 Thanks, but I found an old shriveled fruit bar in the back of my desk drawer that still looks edible 🍎...Moral of the story, do what you have to do to survive the day.

3️⃣ Beaded bags are beautiful, but sometimes in order to be taken seriously the pretty beaded bag stays at your desk and you carry in an equally chic yet sophisticated nude or off-white clutch into the meeting 😉

4️⃣ Chic sunnies are a must. ALWAYS.


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