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Camo ... It's Still a Thing

"If I can't wear camo I'm goin' naked."

Camo, camo and more camo! We can't get enough! πŸ‘‘ And neither can the fashion world. Just like leopard and floral, military style prints reinvent themselves every fashion season and this one is no different.   ❇️ Camouflage is one of our fave trends this season! From denim skinnys and perforated booties to utility jackets and oversized tees, camo is here to stay. 🐒 The purpose of camouflage prints is to make the wearer blend in but in fashion, camo does the exact opposite ... It makes the wearer stand out! πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ’š And we just love standing out! Why be anyone else when you can be you? Just be the you that rocks camo every now and then. πŸ˜‰ Trust us; if done right, you'll get lots of compliments! Keep scrolling for outfit deets and don't forget to shop our looks at the bottom of the post! πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ›

Leslie: Hey hey pretties! We're hot off PHXFW Spring Into Style with a CAMO...IT'S STILL A THING! Didn't you know it was still a thing?! ;) Anyway, the twin and I wanted to showcase a couple of different ways to rock camo, I put a little bit of a different twist on mine. So, obvi these are my favorite go-to distressed denim as I've worn them in like 50 looks already ;) not only do they slim your waist, but the fishnets also help give your midsection that hourglass look. So instead of all out camo for my look, I went with camp colors to show that you can venture outside of the actual print and still be styling the trend appropriately. Clearly, adding cute, fluffy pom pom heels rounds out the look :) As I know it's not for everyone, you can always wear a nude open toe and clip the fishnets so they're not going all the way over your toes. Check the links to try out the look! xo

Hey there boot camp babes! 🀘🏻 Get it? Cuz this week's post is all about camo?! Lol My take on the military-inspired trend is an oversized camo shirt that I chose to wear as a dress with a nude corset belt. πŸ–€ I'm also rocking lots of other trends like the sheer choker, black fishnet tights and otk boots. This is the site you come to when you want that new-new and we're servin' it up with a side of camo this week. πŸ˜‹ I have to say I Just. Love. This. Look. I really felt beautiful in it! πŸ’š And my fave part is the corset belt because it gives me that nice hourglass βŒ›οΈ figure that would otherwise be lost in the oversized tee. I also love that the coloring incorporates various shades of green to create the camouflage look. It's OG but modern at the same time. πŸ’› Def need to wear some black denim short shorts so you don't have any malfunctions. Stand out and rock some camo this season, because I said so! 😘

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