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Of Corset

"Loosen your corset and have a drink."

Corsets, corsets, corsets! We can't get enough! πŸ–€ From lampshading to extreme high-waisted skirts to corset-inspired bodycon dresses, corsets are what's trending in the fabulous world of fashion. β–ͺ️ We're always servin up that new-new and this week we did it in no other way than #twinning shimmer corset dresses. β–ͺ️These dresses are from LOVE CULTURE and they also come in all black. They're just gorg and hug your curves in all the right places. πŸ’« The skirt features a corset-like design with a lace up pattern. It's paired with a semi-lined shimmery bodice to round out the look. Definitely sexy enough to wear for your hot date on Valentine's Day. 🌹 You'll look flawless! And it goes great with a pair of strappy heels and big earrings. Meow! πŸ’‹

LINDSEY: Hi babes! #SmartStyle is coming in lit with corset-inspired bodycon dresses this week. πŸ’« Lace em up and keep it moving! Lol Corsets are trending in so many ways rn and I'm all about it. I've prob bought like 6 different corset belts. πŸ’πŸΌ I love this look because it accentuates my curves and helps give me an hourglass shape. I also love the contrast of the loose shimmery bodice with puffy long sleeves. Definitely need to wear a bra or a bralette because the top part is sheer. 😎 We chose to wear black satin bralettes so that you could see the contrast of color underneath. Pair it with some gold or rose gold heels and you're ready for a fancy night out! Meow! πŸ‘„

Leslie: Your favorite pirates are back!! JK JK but we are dressed up as vampire pirates this week for OF CORSET!! You know, surprisingly this dress looked really flattering on us! I was a bit concerned with the laces in the front because as you've all heard me say (or read before...lol) that we have a tendency to look very square in certain outfits. So, with that being said, I commend the twin for picking this week's #SmartStyle look :) Also, the bra most def is sold separately, we have some pieces picked out down below that will work with it! So don't be afraid to spice it up with a vampire-esque look this week :) xoxo

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