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Wet Hot American Summer

*Post Sponsored by Shahida Parides and Rare Scarf Vintage*

"I'm going to go out, meet some boys ... And crush their hearts one by one."

Hey hey pretty babes! Your fave blondes here :) Before we get into the awesomeness that is SHAHIDA PARIDES and the coolness of this shoot, we wanted to touch base on the changing aesthetic of #SB. As you can tell, we've been rocking funky hair chalk in our last posts and taking a few more risks lately. We both would like to showcase a different side of our personalities--quirky, edgy, colorful (we've always been colorful ;) ) We hope you'll love our looks this week unicorns and try out a hot summer trend!

Lindsey: Hi babes! Happy Wednesday! It's our third post with the fabulous SHAHIDA PARIDES! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Hope you've loved how we've styled her pieces on the last couple posts as much as we have! Now it's time to ramp up for summer with some more funky looks. 😜 Can you dig our 70s ish vibe for this shoot? I'm lovin it! The top that I'm rockin for this look is the brown butterfly print full sleeves Bardot crop top by SHAHIDA PARIDES. πŸ¦‹ It literally goes with everything. I paired it with high-waisted cheeky distressed cut offs and otk boots for a sexier festival-vibe but the top is so versatile that you can wear it so many different ways. From denim skinny jeans to a maxi skirt to even a swimsuit coverup if needed, this top has got you covered. Pun intended! Shop the full look at the bottom of the post! Meow! 😻

Leslie: Babes, if you're looking to style a crop top in an out of the box way (like I did with this look) then you've come to the right place :) Seriously, I had no idea that I could pull off cutoff denim bermuda shorts like this! This look is outside of my box in an edgy way. I know, I'm not making sense, but hear me out. Clear boots are a serious thing and AWESOME, however sweat and clear boots is also a serious thing lol. I was pretty much a walking sauna from my toes up (and loving the bermuda shorts with it.) What I thought was the most edgy for me was a black leather jacket with red detailing, something I never would have pulled for myself had I not adopted a new mantra to try new things this year. (PS it's from RARE SCARF VINTAGE and baller!) The point that I'm making is that never be afraid to try something, even us self-proclaimed risk takers have to take risks and hope it pays off :) and don't worry, if it doesn't, you just try again! Love you #UnicornArmy xoxo

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