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B / I Done Grew Up Blew Up

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"No limit, baby."

Another week, another look! :) Hiiiiii #UnicornArmy! We're happy to have you back with brand new looks featuring THE IDENTITY OF SHE, GOJANE, FOREVER 21 and hairstyles by MIA MO STYLES and ADMIRRORATION SALON! We're so excited for this week's post because for the first time EVER, we're reppin' a bodysuit in a completely different way! TIOS offers women powerful encouragement to stand in your own femininity and body exactly as you are. As Hailee Seinfeld says in her song Most Girls, "But it's okay if you wanna change the body that you came in / 'Cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen." The whole point of female empowerment and the message we hope to send with our friends at TIOS is that it's your body, your choice, your life--embrace all of it! xoxo


Hey pretty pretties! Coming in lit to our second week featuring our fave babes THE IDENTITY OF SHE! We've had the privilege to continue to work with such a like-minded company! This week we're reppin' Body Love Bodysuits! Who would have thought you could have gotten me into a look like this, but sometimes babes, you just gotta risk it and put your body out there! When Lin and I first started #SB, you would never have caught me dead in a brave look such as this. I thought it wouldn't be "my style" or I wasn't feeling confident enough to wear something so high cut on the sides, or something that showed my shoulders (gasp lol.) My point is, Just in the 2 years that I have been representing my own brand, I have grown SO much! I can honestly say I've grown into myself in all areas of my life--gained more confidence-- I used to be TERRIFIED to be in front of the camera.--Fearless style--Now I wear any and everything that I want, no matter what anyone thinks.--Crazy hair colors--well that's not entirely new as I've always experimented with my hair, but being a Digital Influencer has allowed me to work with SO many brands that offer trendy or helpful new technologies when it comes to my hair dye allergy. :) Just be you, in the skin you're in babes! We only get one life, spend it with the people you love, make new memories, go on adventures and be fearless in loving your body. xoxo


Hi beautiful boss babes! Welcome to another post featuring shmexy bodysuits by THE IDENTITY OF SHE. We're stoked about the newest installment in the Body Love campaign! As you know, last week we rocked the new BODY LOVE T-SHIRT DRESSES in gray and black but this week it's all about these fierce bodysuits! Not only are they super comfy, they're flattering for all body shapes. The bodysuit features a halter-style top with a small v in the front. This is slimming and eye-catching in the best way. Not to mention the sides can ride a little higher on the hips if you're wanting to show off a little more leg. A little leg never hurt anyone, right? We chose to showcase our legs a completely different way: with otk boots! (Per the usual!) And we wanted a bit more drama in the looks so we added in some oversized utility jackets and chokers to complete the looks. Hope you love, love, love! Xo

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Shop Our Looks!

The Identity Of She: Black Body Love Bodysuits - Soon to hit the Site!

Cici Hot: Nude Mesh Chunky Translucent Thigh High Boots - Similar (Leslie)

GoJane: Distress Signal Denim Thigh-High Boots (Lindsey)

Forever 21: You Make My Heart Smile Jacket - Similar (Leslie)

Forever 21: Camo Print Utility Jacket - Similar (Lindsey)

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