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Still Killin' Them Softly

"She Uptown."

Hi boss babes! It's that time again! That's right, a new post featuring THE IDENTITY OF SHE is here! And we're rockin their brand new red body love tee. You saw it first on #SB! We chose to tie it up on the side to show our shapes a bit more and added in some high waisted denim from another fave shop of ours, GO JANE. Casual but cute! We're beyond blessed to be a part of the body love campaign! We rep these tees proudly, just like we rep our bodies proudly. Take notes and do the same ladies! You are one of a kind and look your best when you feel like a damn queen. Rock what you got and don't be ashamed! Always remember that! Shop our looks at the bottom of the post! xo


Hello muffins! Welcome to another fab post featuring red body love tees by TIOS. Peep those bright red tees! They're all new and you saw it first on your fave twins. Comfy, casual and sexy. Of course you can wear the tee without tying it up on the side but why not have some fun with it? Plus it's super trendy to do that right now and we're all about that new-new. And high-waisted denim never gonna go out of style (I hope). It just makes everything look good and sucks you in in all the right places. A forever fave of mine for sure. Another forever fave of mine is all things BODY LOVE. If you got it, don't be afraid to flaunt it. Embrace your your body no matter the size and keep being a queen. If the crown fits! Xoxo


Hey bb’s!! We got more body love for you featuring THE IDENTITY OF SHE! 😊 This week we’re showcasing a more laid back look that anyBODY can look and feel good in! High waisted denim, distressed or not, or even denim shorts would look good with this style of shirt. Because I’m short and have a short torso, I wanted something that would make my legs look a bit longer and my torso longer too (is that possible? lol) Anyway, dark denim or medium wash, high waisted, skinny or boyfriend jean would work well with a pair of open toe heels! 😊 xo Shop the looks with the links at the bottom of the post!

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